Grease 2013

Go go go go Greased lightin'!!!Brierley Hill Musical Theatre Company’s Youth Group staged
a production of the hit musical Grease
July 19th and 20th 2013

We Ruled the School!

Danny ZukoRichard Hall
Sandy DumbrowskiHolly Bagnall
Betty RizzoNora Blakeway
FrenchyJenni Laws
MartyEmily Portch
JanRhiannon Luckins
DoodyMike Astley
KenickieAdam Smith
Sonny LaTierriAlex Lloyd
RogerSeb Robins
Vince FontaineJames Lawley
Cha-Cha (Charlene DiGregorio)Faye McCue
Teen AngelJames Lawley
Eugene FlorczykRichard Judd
Johnny CasinoJosh Bennett
Miss LynchLauren Day
Patty SimcoxKatelyn Laws
Lucie Hickman
Jemma Hughes
Megan Luckins
Freya Morrall
Orla Robinson
Zara Rose
Megan Townsend
Jo Gresswell
Martin Francis
Sally Pullinger
Steve Taylor